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  • Are you a registered medical waste transporter?
    Yes, we are licensed by the State of Texas and registered with all states where it is a requirement. Our license transport number is MSW-50126.
  • Do we have to pay for our boxes?
    No, boxes are provided at no charge. We will provide you with as many boxes you need.
  • Who are some of your clients?
    We provide service to doctors, clinics, funeral homes, dentist, surgical centers and other companies that generate medical waste.
  • What type of regulated medical waste is accepted?
    Blood, Blood Products, Body Fluids – Fluids must be contained in a sealed container to avoid seepage. Sharps – Needles and syringes, scalpel blades, glass pipettes, slides etc must be in a sharps container. Laboratory Waste – Cultures and stocks, test tubes. Trace-contaminated Chemotherapy Waste- Empty drug vials, syringes and needles, spill kits, IV tubing and bags, contaminated gloves and gowns. Chemo sharps should first be put in a sharps container prior to placing them in the medical waste box. Dialysis Tubing and Filters - Dialyders.
  • What type of waste is not allowed to be placed in boxes?
    Chemicals (bulk) – Formaldehyde, acids, alcohol, waste oil, solvents, reagents, fixer developer. Hazardous Waste – Drums or other containers with a hazard or toxic warning symbol, batteries, heavy metals etc. Radioactive Waste – Any container with a radioactivity level that exceeds regulatory or permitted limits; lead containing materials. Human remains – Cadavers, aborted fetus. Bulk Chemotherapy Waste. Compresses Gas Cylinders, canisters, inhalers, and aerosol cans. Glass Thermometers, or other devices or solutions containing mercury.
  • Where do you dispose of your waste?
    Waste recovered from your facility is autoclaved or incinerated and disposed of at a state approved facility in Texas.
  • How do we know how many boxes were picked up?
    We will provide you with a copy of a Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Manifest at the time of pick up which will show how many containers we recovered.
  • What day will you pick up my waste?
    Medical waste removal schedule: Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or call in service is available.
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