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Biohazard Medical Waste Disposal


We provide your solution to regulatory mandated biomedical waste pick-up and disposal. At point of service we provide “cradle to grave” documentation that ensures your waste is compliant from generation to final treatment. Our company has recovered biomedical waste from healthcare and industrial facilities to private residences and automobiles.


We design a compliant regulated disposal product for doctors, dental clinics, medical clinics, veterinary facilities, various schools, emergency care centers, surgical centers and other stakeholders that produce biomedical and biohazardous wastes.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Since 2005, we have provided compliant medical waste disposal, meth lab residue cleaning, and traumatic event cleaning for the greater Dallas, Fort Worth metro area and greater Houston.


Sanitize Your Practice with Hospital-Grade Comprehensive Disinfection


We protect public health by disinfecting areas such as corporate offices, daycares, retirement centers and medical spas or resorts, industrial dorms or housing, apartments, and homes affected by MRSA and C. diff or other superbugs disease outbreaks.

Biohazard Label on medical waste
  • Safe Sharps Disposal

  • Laboratory Waste Disposal

  • Pharmacogenetic Testing Waste Disposal

  • Equipment and Instruments Disposal 

  • Dialysis Tubing and Filters Disposal

  • Blood, Blood Products, Body Fluids Disposal

  • Trace-contaminated Chemotherapy Waste Disposal

  • Empty drug vials Disposal

  • Spill kits, IV tubing and bags Disposal

  • Recalled or expired Pharmaceuticals Disposal

  • Boxes and liners provided at no additional cost

Glass Buildings


"Thank you for your generosity and such a fine and thorough job!"

"His interpersonal skills in presenting these facts demonstrated sensitivity while remaining realistic in controlling costs of the cleanup process."

They were "able to salvage personal heirlooms...In addition to the salvage, and able to recover the hazardous biological material and dispose of it in a compliant manner."

- Linda A., Good Shepherd Episcopal

- Michael and Jim B., State Farm Claim

- Polk C., City of Pasadena, Texas

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