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Lab-Wide Disinfection with EPA-Approved Process to Clean MRSA, C. diff

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

We provide decontamination services by clearly defining the scope of the project, preparing the affected environment for comprehensive disinfection, performing the EPA-Approved comprehensive disinfection process, and verifying the results of this disinfection with Chemical Indicator H202 Test Strips.

Laboratory disinfection and DFW medical waste disposal, as well as, League City, TX local medical waste disposal.

Disinfection Services

Our decontamination projects are usually scheduled days or weeks from the start date but many begin within a day or so from the initial call. We are experienced in sanitizing a business for a disease outbreaks such as MRSA, C. diff, or COVID.

To prepare for the projects, the supplies, equipment, and needed inputs are gathered together and housed in a response vehicle a day or more earlier in order to dispatch to the project with ample time for travel or unanticipated delays.

Thank you and be safe.

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